Bed Bug Exterminators NYC Bed Bug Experts in Carroll Gardens, NY

Bed Bug Exterminators NYC have been treating commercial and residential properties for many years in Carroll Gardens, NY and can help you get rid of bed bugs and stay bed bug free. Call us at 1-800-578-4156 to get a free estimate on your bed bug removal for your commercial or residential property in NYC.

Bed bugs don’t wandering in to your home or apartment by themselves, they normally come in on your clothing or from the visitors that come and go. Bed Bug Exterminators NYC is happy to service large venues in Carroll Gardens, NY. Our staff is trained to handle areas such as movie theaters and clubs, residential properties such as single family homes or multi family homes, and more.

People say bed bugs only bite at night. That is false information, bed bugs can and will feed any time they can find a host. While they are more active at night, if you sleep during the day, they will find you just the same. If you are experiencing bed bug problems in your home call us today for an in-house inspection.

We use a variety of techniques to remove the unwanted bed bugs. From vacuuming those we can see to using a pesticide to kill any that may be hidden in the walls or in other fabric. We have bed bug experts standing by to help you. Our services cover Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and other New York areas. call us today 1-800-578-4156.