Bed Bug Exterminators NYC Bed Bug Removal Specialists in Flushing, NY

Bed Bug Exterminators NYC have been treating homes, apartments and commercial properties for many years in Flushing, NY and have proven methods to clean out any bed bugs and help you stay bed bug free. Call us today 1-800-578-4156 for a free bed bug removal quote.

Bed bugs can survive 6 months to a year or more without feeding or water and will travel 5-20 feet from their hiding places feed on a host. They are small and can be hard to notice, request an in-house inspection from bed bug Exterminators NYC today. Our bed bug experts are trained to handle various types of properties in Flushing, NY. We can help you remove bed bugs from business properties large or small as well as residential properties. Call us for large scale bed bug removals in NYC.

Homes with pets and children should take extra care when dealing with bed bugs since bed bugs don’t only feed on people, they can feed on dogs and cats as well. When dealing with small bed bug problems be sure to treat all rooms and areas the same day for the best chance to killing them all. If you are unable to handle everything on your own, this is when it is best to call in the experts. Bed Bug Exterminators NYC also offer in-home inspections if needed, just call 1-800-578-4156 and set up a time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We use a variety of techniques to remove the unwanted bed bugs. From vacuuming those we can see to using a pesticide to kill any that may be hidden in the walls or in other fabric. Bed Bug Exterminators NYC operates in Staten Island, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn and other NYC areas. Call us 1-800-578-4156 to see available bed bug specialists in Flushing, NY who can be there today!