Bed Bug Exterminators NYC Bed Bug Removal Experts in Upper West Side, NY

Bed Bug Exterminators NYC have been treating commercial and residential properties for many years in Upper West Side, NY and can help you get rid of bed bugs and stay bed bug free. Call 1-800-578-4156 today to book the next available appointment for bed bug removal / bed bug house inspection.

Bed bugs don’t wandering in to your home or apartment by themselves, they normally come in on your clothing or from the visitors that come and go. We can help your remove bed bugs from your property in Upper West Side, NY, Bed Bug Exterminators NYC provides bed bug removal services for commercial, business, residential, large venuess and more.

The first order of business is to have an in-home inspection, once a technician has evaluated home they let you know your level of infestation and what steps need to be taken next. In some cases the technician may need to take apart some furniture and will usually use a vacuum to clean up bed bugs as well as eggs. They may also use heat and pesticides to treat the infestation depending on the severity.

Since bed bugs can live in many different places in your home we will not only check the bed but cracks in the wall, light sockets, and any other problem areas identified by our inspection. Call us 1-800-578-4156 to see available appointments. Bed Bug Exterminators NYC provides bed bugs services to all the 5 borough and other New York areas.